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Loft Update- Kitchen

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

When I moved into my loft the first thing I wanted to do was brighten the space up. The walls were painted this dark grey color, which I hated so much. I tried to get my landlord to paint the walls white for me prior to moving in... but they gave me a hard "no." I had them painted myself and I was frantically ready to make this space a home!

Considering that the loft is rented, I didn't want to put too much money into the update. The most important things I had to change were the backsplash, counters, and cabinet color. Thanks to some of my favorite places I was able to make it happen pretty quick. Up first was changing out the backsplash.

I found this simple white peel and stick subway tile that was super easy to install on my own. I used a box cutter and a pair of scissors and got to work.

You can shop the back splash peel and stick here!


Once I had the back splash installed the next thing was painting the cabinets! I've been obsessed with green cabinets for awhile now and I thought... what a perfect time! I was able to also locate these really sleek, modern gold handles to really elevate what I was trying to accomplish.


Next was getting the counters covered. I wasn't sure at first what I wanted to do with them, I just knew it had to change. I searched adhesive for counter and tables for days trying to land on something I liked. I really wanted to bring some color into the space without it being too loud. I found the perfect design that added the right amount of color and fun.

Friends I won't lie, installing this was not easy. The tricky part about the process was making sure there were no air bubbles. I had to adjust many times until I could get it to lay down perfectly.

You can shop the counter top cover here.


Now that my counters, cabinets and handles were completed I could move on to the fun part, styling! I am wildly inspired by Marfa, TX. and all things modern desert. I wanted it to feel inviting... yet bright and vibrant!

Just like you, I too live for a good Pinterest board. Here's some of my inspiration.


I shopped so many places both online and in-store to find things that would fit the space perfectly. I'm not sure if my inspiration matches what I designed... but I love what was created. My kitchen space makes me so happy and is easily my favorite part of my loft. Take a look at the final images to see how it all came together. If you're interested in shopping my kitchen I've linked almost everything below.

Thanks for reading, Friends!


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