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When the timing is right...

A couple months ago Dominique and I had the opportunity to sit with Refinery29 and talk about our love story for their Dear Black Love - Unbothered series. Many people that aren't close to us may not know that this is our second shot at love, and it was interesting telling that story. While we have "spent the block," it's been such an amazing journey learning the new versions of ourselves since our break-up a few years back.

I've never been the one to share my personal life so publicly, however I think there's something special about being able to showcase Black queer love in such an authentic way. Dominique and I are not perfect, but have found unconditional love for one another that I believe can't be broken.

Often times we see "social media couples," and there's this fairytale story that's being told. Things seems cute and perfect. When Refinery29 and VICE asked us to do this video we were very intentional about telling our truths. Even the truths that at one point were really ugly and challenging for us.

Check out the video below. I hope you enjoy listening to our story as much as we did telling it!

Thank you to the teams at Refinery29 and RF29Unbothered for choosing our story to highlight.


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1 Comment

Kenda E. Fields
Kenda E. Fields
Jan 22, 2023

This was so beautiful! So happy for you both 😍

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