The reset button

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

This past year has took me on one wild roller coaster. I've experienced so much and it taught me some things I couldn't even imagine I'd have to face. It's wild the way life sends you threw journeys and forces you to figure it out.

January 29th I turned a whole 33 years! That feels odd saying out loud. lol

Most people look at New Years Day as their fresh start, but my birthday has always been

The Reset Button for me. This new chapter I'm challenging myself to experience life in ways Servanté the Entrepreneur... has been afraid to. The last 3 years I've worked so hard and told myself that I hadn't earned the right to be spontaneous! I've told myself that vacations were luxuries and I needed to work. Well, Friend... if you think that way let me tell you... it's damaging! Don't do it to yourself.

I decided to reset and take a trip to Nevada visiting best friend. I've "done Vegas" before so it was important that I experienced Nevada in a different way. From very hip bars off the strip, tasty food trucks, coffee shops and the dopest hike of my life... this trip was well needed (and deserved)!

In true @iamservante form, I couldn't experience all of this without capturing the Moment. I have so many amazing photos and I wanted to share some with you guys here on the blog.

I challenge all of you working hard at your jobs or businesses, and/or your personal goals... to take several Moments to be good to yourselves and rest! It's not a luxury, it's a necessity. Shout out to my therapist! lol


Gabi Coffee & Bakery

Downtown Cocktail Room

Valley Of Fire State Park

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