Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Truthfully I still haven't figured out why I post the content that I do. I know that I really enjoy creating content that tell some sort of story. I don't identify as a mens wear blogger or influencer. Fashion is not my lane, and nor is photography. So what am I doing?

During a chat with my friend Jontrice of Trice Studios, we talked bout how we needed to show people more of us in the way we want to be perceived as creatives. It got me thinking about what makes me useful in the creative environment. How do I show up and what feels natural or authentic?

Over the last couple years I've worked with and/or met some amazing creatives. It's really dope connecting them to each other and watching magic happen. I believe this is why creative direction feels so great. There's something special about being on set and watching everyone in their zones creating for one purpose.

While I was visiting home (Chicago) last month, pre- social distancing, I had the chance to work with a photographer I think is wildly talented. Chris, of Chris Shot It has a style I don't see here in Houston. He has a special eye for space, which I think is huge for capturing great content. My experience shooting with him elevated my expectation for working with other creatives.

Take a look at our shoot together.

Thanks for reading, Friend. Please subscribe to the blog and continue to create, even during these tough times! Use this Moment of stillness to reflect on things that truly matter. Sending you love and positivity!


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