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Be the host Pt.1

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Before I starting planning and designing events I was already passionate about hosting. Although, I never thought about it that way... I was only doing what felt natural. It's calming for me, especially when I have enough time and not rushing. I realize that providing my friends and family with a great experience is really just a way to show my love for them.

With Summer approaching and the country opening up a bit more, some of you will be hosting again. This could be anything from date night, movie night with friends, backyard bbq's, or Sunday brunch. I wanted to share some of my favorite things to do when preparing for guests to visit.

In this first post on hosting, you'll learn how to curate you own charcuterie board. Many of you may have seen these when visiting your favorite wine bar or restaurant. I think they're perfect for "small bites" when hosting at home. Plus they look really cute when plated the right way.

Let's get into it, Friend!


If you're anything like me going into a store without a plan leads to a lot of money spent, and still somehow managing to not get everything you need. Check out the grocery list I made for you on the side.

If you're in Texas, my favorite place to shop some of these things is HEB. Those of you that are outside of Texas, I'm certain you can find all these things where ever. I recently learned that Aldi actually has a great selection of this stuff for super cheap!

You'll want to make sure you have the proper cutting board for your snacks. Personally, I love the ones with handles and those that look like a slice of a tree stump. I believe the correct term is Acacia Wood. I've linked everything from my table scape in my LikeToKnowit!

Now that you have everything you need it's time to place things on the board. My thought process through this is thinking of color. For example, I try not to put cheeses together that have the same color. Also, I don't put all the meats in one spot. The idea is that you have a super full, yet thoughtful charcuterie board.

If you want to add some color and height to your board use a small bowl (or two), for olives or nuts. Personally I think white bowls look the best.

I've included a link to some of my favorite charcuterie boards on Pinterest so you can get an idea of all the different ways you can plate your goodies.

I hope you've enjoyed this read on hosting. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, and subscribe to the blog!


click here to check out the video shot at sweet shots studios

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