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creative minutes

let's chat through your creative projects.

Over the last few years I've been busy building my personal brand as a creative. I've been blessed to work on many projects that's afforded me tons of knowledge. I'm super grateful to those that have reached out for feedback, tips, advice, or just to vent about projects they're stuck on. I've decided to roll out virtual consultations, called "Creative Minutes." While I'm busy planning events or designing spaces for clients...

I'm now able to host solo consultations. Check out the options below!


entrepreneurs, influencers, content creators

$65 - one hour consult 

If you're starting a business or came up with a crazy idea but you're stuck, this consultation is for you. I can help you find your authentic aesthetic and come up with a cohesive brand message.


weddings, birthdays, kids parties and date nights

$65 - one hour consult

Planning an event and don't have the slightest clue on how to get started? Let's chat through it. During your consultation we'll talk about all your ideas. I'll help you organize them and share my favorite vendors and pro-tips

IMG_2477 2.JPG

home, office spaces, and set designs

$65 - one hour consult

Rather you just moved into a new space, or plan on updating the space you're already in... I'm here to guide you through the madness. We'll work through your ideas during your consultation. I'll give tips and even ideas on where to shop!

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